Writing Has Been My Life-Saver

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In the past, I’ve been unsure of myself as a mother, as a sibling, and a daughter. I have spent decades trying to figure out who I was or where I belonged. In order to help me cope, writing has been my life-saver.

There have always been people in my midst but as I would take time to think things through, other than a handful of friends who I grew up with, others wouldn’t recognize my gift until after halfway getting to know me.

For some reason, I was somewhat of an afterthought.

With this, I mean, some had to see if they wanted to befriend me. I found this to be true, at times, after being a part of friendships, so many would say, “I should have been friends with you a long time ago.” or “I had no idea you were this cool.” So, how am I to take that?

I have wondered, did I put people off? Couldn’t be because I am an extrovert. Was it my plain appearance? Never wore makeup, except a little lipstick, never added hair to my own, yet did have a relaxer back then, unlike my natural crown you’d see today.

I just felt, unbeknownst to others, alone or the one who was chosen last to be on the team because I was the only one left, in many instances.

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Writing saved me.

I would write and discard and rinse and repeat. It blew my mind how good it felt as I grew older. Writing became my escape and my muse. No rhythm, no reason.


Writing allowed me to understand what made me who I was and why the love of words blesses my soul. It refines me, grounds me, it holds me in a zone that demands drips of responses. Thank you for such an opportunity to offer what has had me bound and what has just set me free.

Does writing make significant changes in your world? Is there something you’ve endured that you deem hurtful?

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