Why Most Dark Places Reek Clarity For Your Mental Health

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As I sit here in the dark, with two candles burning and using the last of the juice on my laptop, I talk through what the hell I’m supposed to be doing with my life.

Well, this is out of our control, the building’s electricity is out. The ‘E’ company is outside figuring it out what seems like every quarter.

I hated being in a position I have no control over. Although it helped me think about all the things I should have done or would have done if I had known this “crisis” would have occurred, I still believe it was a blessing.

After the call to see just how long we would be in this mess, the mental list continued.

A teachable moment.

I even had a teachable moment with my 4th-grader about being grateful and how the electricity offer positive living (when it is on).

We spoke about that there are so many people in the world who isn’t able to afford their monthly bill. Also, that there are some families right now who are sitting in the dark right now as a result.

Luckily for us, we just needed long-sleeve shirts and a comforter to stay warm. A 4-hour ordeal. The darkness opened my eyes to possibilities, past promises, and new aspirations. It sent me into this spin of what I could be working on if the light was in our midst. So, I chose to plan in the dark.

1). What are these kids really up to?

Instantly, I started thinking about my kids. I have a not-so-young, 20-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son. I began to wonder what programs (virtual) I could enroll my son in. He enjoys art, building, and animation.

I believe he will enjoy learning computer programming. I am on it, searching for those opportunities for him. My daughter is working and has started the enrollment application to become an Esthetician.

I will just check in to keep that process moving forward.

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2). Do What You Love and that’s it.

I truly love writing and coaching others with choosing a niche and then topics when writing. Sitting at my dining room table with my half-dead laptop and a small lit candle, it hit me; your heart will guide you when writing. I am fully aware that there is the infamous algorithm.

Yes, there should be a search of topics that readers are interested in, and on and on. However, if you write, they will come, at least that is the experience that I have had. So, writing will come from what I feel. It has worked so far.

Career and savings.

3)What About Your Career?

It was weird, I started thinking about what I wanted to do for the last 15 years before retirement. What about moving into the social service/social work arena?

You love this, you ultimately get a thrill assessing the needs of individuals or families. It is such a joy to research resources that will help families, whether education or basic needs.

4)I have to get my savings going.

As the apartment began to smell like the soft aroma of the lit candles, the cold temp dangled mid-air. Then my thoughts went directly to, Where will we go if this isn’t fixed?

There’s not much left. So, I tried to figure out the worst-case scenario, even though I understand that this outage is temporary; but to me, it was an awakening. A rude one.


I continued to type, to plan, to have regrets, and conclude. Pushing more for retirement with enough finances. Finding more opportunities for passive income, getting out of situations that keep the hustle going.

So, I write plans, goals, wishes, and wonders. Allowing spaces such as this one, where I let my heart and mind bleed through text gives all of this a new reality.

It is past time to ponder, How does your darkness come to light?

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