Who The Hell Cares If Your Vision Board Is Pretty

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I’m still trying to figure out, When did the concept of the pretty vision board become wrapped up in its sleek or elegant appearance? Who said your vision board is all about pretty?

The vision board

Most people know the purpose of a vision board is and have created a vision board at some point. I have yet to create one. This board is more about being a personal testament to the creator’s individual goals and vision, rather it being a pretty activity.

A vision board normally includes a few areas where the creator wants to grow, such as finance, assets/liabilities (house, car, boat, etc.), and physical, mental, and emotional areas of their life.

I’ve always appreciated the concept of the vision board. I find it remarkable to think about, choose, and then put all my hopes, dreams, and future attainments in one place.

Seemingly in a beautiful arrangement, having that “what I want when I grow up” concept. We continue to see this activity, as is, the If you build it, it will come, mentality. But does it?

It is time to regroup and rethink the vision board framework.

This is the moment when we should look at our potential vision board with purpose.

It’s not just how pretty your vision board may be. I’m thinking we shouldn’t just concentrate on the pictures (although they can sometimes be a bit unrealistic) you find to glue it in open spaces on your board or even spending massive amounts of time deciding which colorful background to choose. 

The board should be more about the details of when, why and how.

Photo by Drew Beamer/Unsplash

Here are the 3 things you may want to consider as you build your vision board’s framework:

  • List what you have already accomplished — For us to appreciate or even honestly envision our future, we need to acknowledge what we have already accomplished. From experience, there have been times when I have been so focused on what I want, I hadn’t even considered what I have.

  • Create at least 2 sections on your vision board — Your board should tell a story. Most stories have more than one part. One of the best ways is to have a section that shows what you have already accomplished. Remember having those details visual matters. Another section of the board will be what you envision for your future.

  • Now, the accountability. — It would be so easy to stuff your vision board with all the pretty things you want from this world, like the delicious dressing (some of you call it stuffing) forced in a raw turkey in November. However, it will be more attainable if you add a bit of substance or detail to each picture, word, quote, or object you place on the board. Note how you plan to attain each one. For example, next to the home pic, maybe state the importance of maintaining good credit or near the picture of the dollar signs, a few ways you will earn several streams of income.

Creating a more in-depth vision board will help you begin your thought process of what you want to achieve, but it should also offer an idea or two on how to obtain what you envision.

It would be so easy to concentrate on making our vision board pretty or aesthetically pleasing, but when do we begin to create the path of how to reach those results? Now, there’s an additional option to explore.

My kids and I will be creating a vision board this month. We will begin to collect everything we want on the board. We probably will hit Michael’s first! I can’t wait to start with what we have already accomplished before anything else!

I think we have reached more goals that we have accounted for. I can’t wait!

Have you created a vision board this year or ever? Let us know!

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