The 4 Lessons I’ve Learned As A Middle-Aged Chick: Younger Women Can Learn From This

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As a middle-aged chick, there are 4 lessons I learned than I thought I thought I could. It never occurred to me, first, that I would ever become a middle-aged 50-year-old woman.

That would be so long down the line, so I thought. Then, that there is life in year 50 and beyond.

Now, of course, over the last couple of decades, I have learned more than most. I have always been a go-getter, one who loved learning, and making money was my overall dream. 

There have been lessons growing in areas as being a sister, daughter, employee, then college students, how to earn money, parent, wife, ex-wife, and more.

Is 50 the new 20?

The question is, Is 50 the new 20? is a tricky one. So, my answer is…I guess it depends on who you ask. If you ask me, it’s far from 20. Again, that’s my perspective, my experience.

I have had the opportunities to adapt to the fact that 50 is the new “something” like aches, the need for prescription glasses and extra stretches in the morning, and an alternative to dairy, for starters.

As you can see, it is not the new 20 over here.

Now, since my young girl summers way back in the day, I have had experiences that were good, bad, and ugly that I neither wish on others or regret in any way.

It built such character within me, whereas I can, in such detail, share with my Gen Z daughter.

My hope and wish is for her is to take heed to my path and hear me out enough to follow an organic path she creates that will bring her joy, peace, and success.

My goal is that the lessons I learned are those she may grasp with an open mind.

Here are the 4 lessons I learned as I have reached middle-age:

  1. Figure out your skills and learn to monetize them. Yep, I went straight there. As I look back on my early life, I spent all my time following the path of going to college, earning a degree, getting a job “you love”, working forever, then retiring.

This has not been the best choice for me. Just over the last decade has I have been giving eye-openers of the skills that I have that were monetizable. 

I have even dived into certifications, which I am also she has decided to earn vs college.

Had I known this earlier in my life, I would have become an entrepreneur early on or at least had the suggestion implanted.

2). As a woman, it’s okay to set your sights high, refuse to play small. It is no longer accepted that women have to quiet their knowledge and capabilities to appease those who feel she is unworthy. 

You don’t need validation to reach your goals.

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3). Wait for no one. If you have aspirations and a vision, even if others can’t see it, go for it. What is the point of waiting and wishing?

Move forward and at least try. Understand that it may or may not work, however, your goal and mindset should be on the goal coming to pass. Go for it!

One of the strangest things that my mom told me years ago, was that I shouldn’t buy a house unless I was married. This was after I divorced.

Now, I’m thinking maybe she was felt that I would need support, but her knowing what type of person I am, there was no way I felt I needed to wait.

I am on that path now, once I finally realized that marrying again, may never happen and I refuse to wait on someone else to show up for me to reach a goal. 

This takes me to my last lesson.

4). Lastly, have children when or if you want to. If I hear, another time, someone offering their 2 cents about why a woman has a child or the fact she has a certain number of kids.

Your choice to have children or not (or the amount) is your business or yours and the father.

Keywords: YOUR CHOICE.

Your life is yours and if children will be a part of it or not will not negate you as a person.

Your choice, at that point, may be more about who you allow giving opinions and how you process their opinions.


Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed learning about The 4 Lessons I’ve Learned As A Middle-Aged Chick: Younger Women Can Learn From This

Of course, there are more lessons that I have learned and that have changed my life one way and the other. However, these are the ones I wish I would have known a bit earlier.

The beautiful thing is that I now know and have the empathy and care to pass on what may change someone’s life for the better in hopes our generational sharing never ends.

What are your mid-life lessons? Comment below! 🙂

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