The 3 Things That 20-Somethings and 50-Somethings Should Both Learn


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Think you’re different than a 20-something? Well, you are in age and experiences; but inner and life changes? No.

The folks in their 20’s. Your 20’s is that time of life where you may have a list of dreams but your existence may be screaming something different. As you have moved into adulthood there are several expectations others have for you whether you are ready for them or not.

It is normal to have feelings that you may not be prepared for taking care of everything on your own. Making decisions that can change your life one way or the other just by the moves you make.

What happened to just telling a parent your situation and they handling it or even part of it for you? Those days are dwindling or gone for most. It is time that you take the reigns of your life.

Life at 50 and beyond

Although I just entered this wonderous age group of the 50’s, there are similarities of what should be learned by 20-somethings. The second half of our life is here, loud and clear.

Now that we are in our 50’s, we have to put away those earlier dreams of being millionaires by now, that all of our children would be grown and on their own by now, or even that we would be 30 years deep in marital bliss.

So many times I have given suggestions and advice to the younger generations, even when it is to my young adult daughter. I love discussing life issues because it is normally what I wish I would have accomplished or would have listened to during those 20’s.

I offer suggestions that will have them ahead of the game. 

We 50 and 20-somethings both have 3 similar things to learn:

  1. It’s okay to change your plans!

Even as a teen we have dreams of who we will become. Sometimes we set intangible goals, but believing we can reach each one of them, keeps us young and young at heart. There will be a time where you have to decide if your original plan fits your next level of preparedness.

Does it cover your new goals? Do your past dreams stand firm in the new life you have now as a 20-something or 50-something? Many times they don’t, however, we feel that there is no room for pivoting. For all of us who have been courageous enough and those who are building your courage to change or enhance your plans, here is an “All in Her Plans” notebook that will allow you to begin writing and dating those plans! Feel free to order yours today. This way, your plans are not just dreams, they are considered goals!


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2. Re-evaluate what you are currently doing: academically, professionally and socially.

What you did in the past as far as dating goes should be analyzed (unless you’re already in a stable relationship). Possible conversations may need to be had and paths restructured. Academically, think about if you are on the best track for the major you’ve chosen. 

Will it offer chances to do what you love or is money your only reason? Trust, if you are not fulfilled with what you are doing, those checks won’t be worth it. It’s okay to change that major. Even that needs serious evaluation.

Professionally, are you able to show who you offer your talents above the expectations of others on the job? Are you having to hide your strength by play small to fit in? Does your job drive you to be your best or make you want to quit every day? Your leadership should be at the forefront.

Is that allowed or stifled? If you can’t find similarities with what you want or what is allowed then it might be time to look for a change.

Socially, think about who is in your circle. The best way to be productive or elevate yourself in the areas that you choose is to be in the midst of those who are making more, doing more, giving more, and more knowledgeable.

Networking is key even when it’s on social levels. You should be connecting with those who are where you’re striving to be. There is so much more to gain there.

3). It’s never too late to reinvent yourself.

Who said you have to continue doing the same thing you’ve done before? They are clueless. Even in your 20’s you are free and should take every moment to become a better you.

For this to happen, you will have to make some changes, including how you operate daily, how you think about issues, and the spaces you place yourself in. It is the perfect time to be intentional when indulging in personal re-invention.

Oh, but those 50’s hit different! Though in the middle of your life, we have to also trust and understand that we no longer have to continue to live up to others’ expectations of who we are or who we should be. At this very moment, the re-invention must be in session. No one else should have that vote.

If you find yourself continuing to ponder about your current job, surroundings, or your circle of influence, that might be a sign that there need to be targeted changes made. The way you will know to what extent, look over your current personal status and check to see if you are truly happy, if you are in a stagnated comfort zone and if you are ready to alter or completely change your path.

You can make the changes that fit you. Stop asking others for permission to change what is not working for you. No one else can honestly tell you your next move, you have to go at that personally. Be prepared and strong enough to move in a way that you won’t be distracted.

Surprise, surprise, no that the move may not be seen in the best light. Don’t change. Go ahead and put out that sign, “Good Vibes Only” and then begin to only accept those in that category.


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I leaped at 50!

Deciding to leave the classroom on June 2, 2021, was one of the best things I have ever done. I can’t even express the calm and happiness I feel. It is so freeing. There was no way that as I have hit the middle of my life continue in a position that no longer suits me well. Years in the system and now I removed myself.

I see it as an open space for another teacher to continue to live the life they want within the teaching field. I truly wish them well. For that, if nothing more, I am happy.

Moving back into social service where I had the most joy will be my path and change of plan. I have already learned to silence others’ opinions and in some cases their sarcasm.

Movement for 20 and 50-somethings are not only personal and valid, but it is also life-changing for the better.

Do you fit in these age groups? What’s your status at this point?

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