Stop Wasting Valuable Time With Frivolis Friends

Life is too short to allow frivolous people in your space.

If the past couple of years have taught us anything, they’ve taught us that life is short, nothing is constant and we need to be treating our time wisely. Spending time with friends is one way I enjoy a lot of my time.

Over the last year, while making a personal change in who I spend my time with, I have assessed those who I have allowed in my space. If you haven’t done that already, here’s why.

Managing your space, the time you spend, and who you spend it with can be the make or break of the goals you have set for yourself.

The frivolous friends you have had in the past can in several ways be a downfall to the fresh start you are trying to create for your future. It’s okay to assess and change your circle.

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You have these goals set, possibly restarting those dreams deferred or taking a chance and beginning something new. This may be altered or even deleted if you are in the midst of frivolous people.

Ask yourself, Why is it so hard to let them go?

So many times, these individuals are friends you have had for several years, it may be those you have helped in the past or even a family member.

Either one or either way, to move forward quickly and steadily on your terms and within the guidelines, you have set to meet your specific goals, you will have to stifle their noise.

We are so used to doing things the same way year after year.

Even if it no longer helps us grow. There is a comfort in knowing that what has been is still occurring.

This keeps us from having to be accountable for even confronting or being confronted by the very people or issues that have held us back for so long.

As humans, we also tend to say we were held back. Some of us just chose to stay in the same place, for whatever reason.

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When frivolous people are in your space, here are just 4 things that could happen:

  • We tend to be distracted by their presence. Some of them have decided that they are going to live day to day without having set goals. They may be the ones who just take life as it comes. However, you’re not within that framework, so that choice is counterproductive to your future.
  • They may have choices opposite of yours. Being in that environment may cause you to question yourself, your goals, your value, or your ability. Or they may even question them too.
  • Causing an environment of insecurity for you. Questioning your goals or idea, which in turn is quite possible that you may begin the ugly trail of doubt. When you are building, the last thing you need is someone not on board with your path.
  • We may also begin to questions their choices. We understand that each person is unique and has the option of choice. When we begin to be concern about what others are doing when they are true adults to make decisions for their life, it can be, yet another distraction. Unfortunately, this is yet another entryway to keep your eyes off your prize.

Time to let go of the old and bring in the new!

Connect with those who are on the same path as you. Find those similarities in work ethic, passion, and mindset. Be open to new ideas and processes that a person may have.

The great thing is that you have a new outlook when hearing someone else’s view, processes, and reasons they move the way they do. New connections, fresh ideas!


As we are making decisions about our life, creating, being productive in our way, we don’t want to see others or judge others if they have chosen not to build in the same capacity as we are.

We have to remember that we all have a path, and those who we have chosen to spend adequate time around should have similar goals and work ethic. If their choosing to be frivolous, there could be struggles to stay dedicated to our choices.

Your time is valuable. Being able to accomplish what we have set to reach is important and having like minds in our midst will only help us keep our eyes on the prize.

How did you handle your circle of friends related to this topic?

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