8 Small Online Businesses Moms Can Start This Month


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Having children and raising them primarily or all on your own as a Single Mom in Business (SMIB) can be trying. It takes strength, patience, mental stability, budgeting, time management, and grit.

As we move through our day-to-day in motherhood, we tend to forget about ourselves and the talents and skills that we already possess.

Without even thinking about it, moms counsel, lead, bake, write, design, operate machinery, are tech-savvy, maintain multiple schedules daily, and raise children without second-guessing our abilities.

Working outside the home X 3.

One of the main issues I’ve had as a SMIB is my attempts to maintain the infamous household finances. When my oldest daughter was 4, I had multiple jobs, daytime, nighttime, and every other weekend.

I remember treading across town, taking her from daycare to the night babysitter, then from there, home five times per week to earn enough money for the month at 3 different jobs.

Let me just say, neither of those jobs was related to my undergraduate degree. Most times, my extra job was just enough to pay her. I found myself running in circles each day, finally coming to terms that I desperately needed to make more.

Gifts and talents

So, now I was forced to brainstorm and seriously think about what my talents were. I deciphered what my abilities and skills were and simultaneously figuring out what I enjoyed.

I had to decide which ones on that list someone would be willing to pay.

Then, my love for writing, reading, and editing became my focus. During this transition I wrote and updated my resumes, then began updating others’ and charged a small fee; loving every minute of it.

So that became my very first online job, then editing, then press releases, and so on, 14 years ago. Of course, since then, I have added several more services to the business. Details here at Tiff’s Editing Cafe.

You can also assess your talents and skills to start a small business, whether online or outside of the home, whichever you prefer. However, I will only be mentioning small businesses that can primarily run at home or from your laptop.

Here are 8 online small businesses you can begin this month:


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1). Are you a Pinterest Queen? Do you love and spend so much time on Pinterest? So many companies would pay for you to create Pinterest pins for their company. Don’t just stop at companies.

There are organizations, donors, and those who hold events who would appreciate and pay for your time and efforts on Pinterest to promote their efforts! One of the best tools to make Pinterest pins is Canva! If you have never heard of Canva, today is your day. 

Canva is a design platform that is so easy to use. It has the drag and drop format plus hundres of free templates that you can use to create planners, resumes, Pinterest pins, IG and Facebook posts, and more! Go for it! Here is an opportunity for you to create a profile at Canva and start today! Click here!

Here is an example of a Pinterest Pin that I created with a Canva Pinterest template as a Mp4:

2). Resume Writer. Are resumes your joy? Great! So many people are ready to have their resumes created and updated. Not only can you create the resume, but you can also create resume templates to sell on different platforms or sell resume packages. All online.

The packages can include a resume, cover letter, reference sheet (including all the professional and personal reference names and contacts on one sheet), and possibly a template for a “thank you” letter for your interviewer. Of course, you will be able to choose what you want to create.

3). Bookkeeper. Small businesses require bookkeepers to help maintain their finances. One of the many tasks you would be responsible for updating the company’s money spent and money earned and are represented on spreadsheets.

You might be thinking, I have no idea how to become a bookkeeper. There are online courses that you can take to learn bookkeeping and earn a certificate.

One can be found through Quickbooks for free! Once you have earned the certificate(s), here is how you can get started from no-cost to a low-cost fee.

4). What about writing? If you love writing, grant writers are needed all the time, become a novelist, create and maintain a blog (monetized), editing manuscripts, or writing proposals or emails for businesses.

I say, try them all; trust me, your skills will reveal themselves. Connect with those who just wrote a book, essay, or article and edit for them.

Requesting a chance to be a guest blogger for someone to get exposure then, possibly begin to apply to write for others.

5). Low-Content Books. We know what low content books are right? Of course, we do, those journals, notebooks, composition books, sketchbooks, and others. What’s even better? You can create these books and upload them to Amazon KDP for free!

You will be able to create the book covers on free sites like Canva.com and then Book Bolt is another website where you can create book covers and choose the interiors for just $10 per month. It is so worth it! Try it out! It’s free!

6). Online Courses. Courses are searched for 24–7! If you have a skill in any industry, you can create an online course! Now that we have been in this online space, more online courses are wanted.

Try platforms like Teachable, ConvertKit, and others that not only host the courses, they have quick tutorials on how to create and upload them.

Think about this, once you have created the course, that’s it. It will just keep on selling for a passive income. Check them out and happy teaching!

7). Online Tutoring. Are you versed in an academic subject? Do you know more than the student you’ll tutor? Do you like helping? Then tutoring online is for you. Students are still in need of academic support this school year.

Tutoring online gives both the tutor and the student freedom and comfort in their own home or from where ever you are. Another benefit for tutors, when online you are able to book more students. Enjoy!

8). Video Editor. There are so many people (influencers or not) who need video editors. It can be time consuming if you’re not that experienced, but if you are, it is worth the money. From YouTubers to those who upload videos for their their job, website, social media posts and more. The value of video editors is above and beyond. A quick hint: If you are not familiar with video editing, watch a couple of tutorials on YouTube. You’ll learn in no time. 


It takes strength, patience, and determination to gain these opportunities to make extra money doing what you love.

There is also a chance if you pursue it, to network and connect with the right clients where your side hustle can become your full-time income. These small online businesses for moms you can start this month.

The ultimate goal, which we all have, that fits our lives and family dynamics, is to rise to a place of financial gain, being single, a mom, and business for ourselves.

Which business will you start? Let us know! I plan to complete the Quickbooks certification, for sure!

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