Oh, That Single Mother And Her Daily Grind

My Single Mothers' Daily Grind Book
Screenshot of Single Mothers’ Daily Grind book written by the author.

A vision of beauty, calm, and peace. Perfection in our midst. The Single Mother Takes On the World.

Although there may be times where those entities exist, the daily life of a single mom is not mostly encompassed by these. Our grind is different, personal, and affected by everything around us.

As a child, like many girls, some of us are taught or we are encouraged by our friends to dream of being a mom or wife. Speaking from my own experience, I fit this category.

Not only did I play the character of mom and wife (which was just telling my doll kids’ invisible husband what to do). Much opposite of my mom who was more introverted and a sweetheart. Oh, when she meant business, we knew it.

Growing up in a two-parent home, I wanted my kids to have the same. I just figured it was in the cards for me to marry ‘til death, have kids, graduate college and get the job of my dreams and we all live happily ever after.

Well, some of that occurred.

I was the first to earn a college degree, found several jobs offer the years that I loved, first of my siblings to marry, have 2 kids (one young adult), and the first (I will say only) sibling to divorce. Life is so uncertain.

I was told that this was the strategy of life and think, to my surprise what I was told to follow, fell through in so many tough ways.

So tough that I wrote a book, a memoir, Single Mothers’ Daily Grind as our journey.

Married back in ’97 was fine. I was a young, soon-to-be college grad, and in love. A couple of years later we had a daughter, then a couple of years after that, issues we could not get past forced a separation.

Such an emotional roller coaster…then reunification…then my son was conceived…then, suddenly a single (yet legally married), pregnant mother. Divorced 6 weeks after his birth.

Mid pregnancy, I had to be on bed rest due to my anemia. Losing time from work and having a percentage of short-term disability forced us into a financial downward spiral. I had to make a few quick and hard decisions. We were going to have to move to another state.

As sweet as my parents are, they helped as much as they could. They asked us to stay with them until things were better, it just wasn’t enough room.

Even with a degree, certification, and years of experience in education and social service, Chicago was too competitive as I was searching for a higher paying job, now that I had a new addition without substantial help.

Having such a different life change than expected and in the midst of losing it all, moving to a new state. Having a couple of family members there but being on my own in my mind and having to lose it all and start from nothing to build a new life while parenting alone.

Screenshot of pictures and sample entries in the Single Mothers’ Daily Grind book and my daughter. Written by the author.


Many emotions yet a calm spirit knowing that it all had to happen for my sanity and peace in the world we hold dear, amongst the three of us.

My children needed structure and consistency after so much of what I deemed turmoil. Sometimes we can’t force what others expect of us.

The loss was abundant to the point I had no hope for a while. However, I didn’t stop.

Fast forward to today…we have thrived and are on the path to so many successes. New life, new goals, new ways of thinking, and moving through. We’ve learned and experienced a lot. So much more to accomplish.

The excitement continues.

The Single Mothers’ Daily Grind paperback is on sale on Amazon. The e-book version is 99 cents all February. Enjoy!

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