Single Mothers Are Breaking The Stigma

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The single mother status, in my opinion, has been hyped up in recent years. This hype has come from the single mother stigma. When it comes to single moms, the world seems to see our population as not worthy of positive recognition.

Levels and layers of single motherhood.

When referring to becoming a single mom, there is a stigma of an irresponsible girl or woman who has made a bad decision to have a baby. Not being intelligent enough to know that she should have a husband first.

This old fashion mindset is still alive and well. It is unbelievable.

Of course, with each pregnancy, there is a specific situation. Now, are there instances that there’s someone who was not in the space to make the best decision for whatever reason? Yes. However, that is not the majority of the cases.

Some women choose single parenting, which is an honest and brave choice considering the thoughts of others. These days not many of us are waiting or worrying about what the next person has chosen to think of us.

The single mom who may have thought her partner was all in and then he wasn’t is no longer her issue. She may move forward to have her baby on her own and live like everyone else.

A single mom, like myself, who divorced right after my youngest child was born, moved on to since then raise both my kids on my own with minimal assistance.

It happens. It wasn’t my life plan, but I was able to pivot to create a life for all 3 of us.

As a result of experiencing single motherhood and feeling as if I could use a different type of support, I created a blog to offer motivation for young women who are raising their child(ren) on their own. In Her Life Plans

Single moms transform into accomplishment mode.

Let me just say, there are some single moms (because we are human, too) who have a different mindset and live life on their terms.

However, I am speaking about the population of those who move into go-getter mode. This mode is necessary because child support is not always the most reliable system. That is a whole other topic. Here is the post I wrote related to it.

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We have dreams like any other mom, but we have to do it on our own or seek out resources that will allow us to become the person and mother we want and deserve to be.

We have just chosen not to allow being a single mom to be an excuse not to reach our goals but use our situation as motivation to gain opportunities or make opportunities for ourselves.

Is it ever easy? No.

We have to be self-motivated, strategic, multi-faceted while caring for our child(ren) as we continue to live daily.

When we sometimes feel or have our world crumble around us slowly or all at once.

Even during these times, we are enduring judgment from others, lack of life upgrades due to deficiencies in daily needs, etc.

Please don’t believe that government assistance (food stamps, Medicaid, etc.) is the glorious place that gives us the world.

It is actually set up to have us stuck in the same deficit.

Isn’t it crazy that when those who receive government assistance can only make so much money to receive assistance, and as soon as $1 more is earned, we no longer qualify for assistance? That is not a coincidence.

The thing is, we are not making enough to cover the basic need of our family (i.e., the assistance).

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Single mothers have to change their mindset in order to see what they deserve. Hear me. More…that’s what you deserve…more.

So, now what? In order for us to reach our goals, we have to think about entrepreneurship.

I was so inspired when I read an article by Envy Writer here on Medium. She experienced this process. Check out her post!

We have to believe that we deserve more. Then we are able to be present for our children fully. There is nothing we can’t do.

We just have to find a way to understand that we are able to obtain anything we want that will bring us success. We have the capacity and capability to do all there is to become who we want to be.

Lastly, there are skills that we possess or can learn (Marissa Romero’s YouTube channel) that can bring our family financial abundance.

As long as you are ready to be committed and consistent, you and your kids are on the way to several streams of income.


The world needs you are waiting on you, and they don’t even know yet. Your ability to navigate life raising a child alone is one of the most intriguing and difficult jobs there is.

This is your time, life, and opportunity to continue shining as a single mom. Continue to use it wisely as you propel into existence of more than enough.

What do you appreciate the most as a single mom?

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