Raising a Toddler Like a Boss as a Single Mom


Where did the time go? Your tiny precious baby is no longer. They’ve turned into an all-knowing, and sometimes bossy partner who just wants to do everything on their own. 

Oh, I know, some toddlers are not happy about doing everything. However, you’re a single mom who can raise a toddler like a boss! You got this!

Show your toddler love but don’t be a pushover

Most times as moms we tend to become so excited about this little person that we created, that there are moments we allow them to run things and run us, at least try to.

You know, allow them to say what they want and don’t want, even when we know best. There’s that moment when you know what you want your toddler to do, but they do something totally opposite and not with a smile. 

It’s at that moment where you have to decide and follow through to be clear with your rules and values. 

Set boundaries

One of the best ways to support a toddler is to set boundaries. When boundaries are set, it gives your toddler a sense of structure. 

Toddlers are able to function a bit better when they know what the expectations are, even if they challenge the very expectations you set. Remember, they are growing while trying to find their place in the world.

Boundaries decreases overwhelm for you both. Having boundaries offers toddlers a sense of independence. They are taught and being able to live each day knowing what their expectations are. 

Of course, while setting boundaries, you will have to be consistent. This is new for your child. It will be unfamiliar at first or they will be used to it but now it has to change. 

Possibly, you previously set boundaries but then that structure had to change or came to a screeching halt for whatever reason. No worries, this is a great beginning. 

Create and have your toddler follow a routine. 

Toddlers seem to do fairly well when they have a routine. I know when thinking about our little hunnies, we might believe that the last thing they want is a routine. That they might even fight against it. And that is okay, initially.

Create a routine for their weekday mornings. It is beneficial to choose a routine that includes some of the things your toddler enjoys or is already doing. Of course, if it coincidently fits the schedule or routine you require. 

For example, if they enjoy reading a quick book in the morning, include that in the routine. But, if putting their pajamas in the drawer or on a shelf is something you’d like to add to the routine, do so, then teach them and add it and more.

Begin to give your toddler responsibilities.

Toddlers enjoy having responsibilities. They call it “fun”. When you are teaching toddlers how to be responsible, make it a win-win. 

Teach them how to keep their space clean, or to put their empty plate in the sink. Even if you bought them a mini broom and dustpan to clean up the floor, they’d love it.

Picking up those toys when they are done even has a “clean up” song. 

Photo of Kelvin Octa/Pexels

Teach your toddler something new every week.

They see it as something they can do on their own usually in hopes someone sees it too. We tend to underestimate what toddlers are capable to accomplish. 

Here are 2 of so many things you can teach your toddler to do for themselves:

1). Put on their own socks. Even with a little struggle, allow them to keep at it until they put them on.  

2). Put on their own jacket. There’s a cool trick. The Coat Flip! Place their jacket (facing the ceiling) on the floor in front of them with the hood or collar touching their toes. 

Have them bend over and put their hands in the coat sleeve and flip it over their head while pushing their arms in the sleeve. They will be so excited about this! 

What about these tantrums?

Toddlers are known for being open and ready to express themselves. Due to not having a large vocabulary, there are many instances when they will tantrum. To the human eye, it is sometimes seen as defiance or just all-around annoying. 

Understand, it’s time to assist your toddler with their communication skills. Honestly, these skills really should begin before the toddler stage, but it is still not too late. We want those skills to support kind, and positive verbal abilities and not negative physical reactions. 

Creating change is hardly easy, so prepare yourself. During this time of transition, you will have to be consistent and diligent with your toddler’s new structure and ways of expression. 

Each time the tantrums begin, tell your toddler the appropriate way to respond. They may need your assistance during this time. For example, if your toddler is on the floor crying because they aren’t able to get what they want, let them know the better way.   

Go as far as showing them that way.

You have your work cut out for you, but if you stay consistent and be firm (yet loving) about what you want your toddler to do, life for you both will be better. 

“No”, is a toddler’s favorite word.

Just like “Da-Da”, ‘no’ is easy to say and it usually gets a strong response, which sometimes, toddlers use to their advantage. 

Believe it or not, toddlers can be taught not to say “no” all day long. However, they will need guidance. Think about any other word that the toddler can understand that can be used in place of “no”. Be creative. 

Also, prepare yourself to have to be consistent with this strategy. Just like most of the other supports, you will use to assist your toddler, it is not an overnight change.


Most important….YOU! It is not a shocker, raising kids as a single parent isn’t an easy task. However, if we create clear expectations, we work diligently until our toddlers are successful as they grow and learn through our consistency. 

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Raising Toddlers


You will need to remember to give yourself grace during these processes. It is not the easiest task to support toddlers as they learn and grow. 

Understand that you can do this. Remember to take a moment and know that with love and consistency, parenting a toddler will be more enjoyable each day.

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