Sweet and Simple, Mother’s Day will be.

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Now, I get it.

I have reached a point in my life where less is more these days. For Mother’s Day, I don’t need the cruise, the fancy restaurant, or the glitter & gold. I just want to enjoy simple things.

Don’t get me wrong, there was a time when I would love all the activities lined up for me, outfits planned, and ready to be gone for the whole day. I’d almost be miserable by the end of the excitement due to fatigue.

However, as I have grown and learned what I truly enjoy, I have begun to create wonderful experiences in my space and now Mother’s Day becomes more unconventional, yet calm and relaxing for me.

There has always been the biggest blessing of my day, my children; one being a young adult. I make sure that we do something together as a family. As they grow they understand that my day also means I will be doing what I want to do also. They are so sweet!

I am excited to spend Mommy and kiddos’ time during the day because a mom is non-existent without the kids and they warm my heart. 😉

Mother’s Day as a whole.

Commercialized? Of course. What holiday (for the most part) is not commercialized? It is all about money.

Just think of the businesses who look to customers to keep their businesses open. Receiving gifts, I’d have to say feels great!

Yes, I loved the orange-died roses I received from my kids mid-week. The daily hugs and love I am showered with each day can’t be topped. We, Moms, deserve the attention.

Plans for a Mom like me.

I am always so excited about the day and it finally arrives this week. Do I have a few plans?

Of course. The following

  • Wine and Dine. I will be cooking a meal I love. Yes, I enjoy cooking so Mother’s Day would be no different in my eyes. I’m thinking, turkey legs, string beans & white potatoes and ricotta cheese stuffed shells with sauce. With it, I will be enjoying wine in a pretty glass.
  • Music and Assembly. It will be Blue Tooth action allowing my playlists to send vibes in our living room where I will reveal my new ladder shelves. I will be attempting to assemble both shelves and strategically place them against my main wall where they will bring more joy.
  • Movie with kiddos. It will be a fun time while we watch a movie with snacks. I hope they pick a comedy, but I believe it will be a superhero film. What’s better than popcorn, a good movie, and reclining seats?!
  • Lastly, I will be ending the night with a lit scented candle, beautiful hygiene routines, comfy nightwear, fluffed pillows, and my Gratitude Journal…

That daily entry is a necessity. I created my journal on KDP in hopes others would want to capture what and who they are grateful for all in one beautiful location.


Photo of a gratitude journal created by the author on Amazon KDP.

I’m so grateful for all that I have and all there is to come. To help me stay grounded the journal I created gives me the opportunity to document my daily gratitude.

This Mother’s Day is like no other, I am choosing what I want to do that will make me feel special on this day.

I also will be spending more time appreciating what I have while creating special ways to remind myself that I matter.

The Woman, The Mother. The Daughter. The Grateful.

Tiffany Jasper
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