About Me


I’m Tiffany Jasper, the owner of In Her Life Plans blog.

I offer support and encouragement to single moms on the path to greatness. 

I am a proud African-American woman first, single mother of two, writer, editor at Tiff’s Editing Cafe, lover of my community and member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

I have so many years of life experience of trial and error. As a result, I am passionate about assisting young women navigate this thing called life! Working diligently to give insight, knowledge, answers and resources that will make that navigation a bit less scaved and more of a positive transition. 

I look forward to connecting with you moving forward! Just remember, all women are welcome!

I hope you enjoy it all!

Writing blogs to respond to life's questions!

My passion is to connect with young women and offer as many gems as necessary for you to reach your potential!

Celebrate Your Wins!

As we grow towards who we want to be, we are definitely increasing our self-awareness. During this journey, make sure you celebrate those wins, no matter how small. YOU deserve it!

Social or Business Life

This life is yours! You are the only one who can live it. I am here to support you in areas those before you have experienced, but with the 21st Century twist! There are articles that offer suggested ways to move forward professionally and socially! We can’t wait to hear more about what you think, too!

Here are the areas where we will be offering support:

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Single or Married Moms

Making Extra Money

The skills you have can earn you money.


Creating Positive Loving Connections

Mental Health

Identifying & Addressing Our mental health

I have enjoyed 13 years of being an editor and writer. Creating a blog that supports young women has always been a goal of mine. So glad it has come to a reality for others to enjoy!