My Limiting Beliefs Force Me To Stay Motivated

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My limiting beliefs are my motivation.

Most might think that limiting beliefs leads to stagnation, but from my experiences, it is my motivation. When those beliefs raise their ugly heads, I force myself to combat them with my positive destiny.

To be whole, emotionally and mentally stable, creative and, as genuine in my life as I choose.

When your limiting beliefs are in large numbers, like mine were, it took a while to narrow them down to what was real and which ones I had created.

It took me such a long time to assess what I truly loved and believed about myself. I had a long list of adorations, fears, and wants about who I was, what I wanted, and what I believed about myself.

I found it odd and disheartening that I was almost obsessed about who I wasn’t from the lens of the “glass half empty”.

Who will I be?

For so many years there had been a mental battle where I was on the fence in my dreams about who I am destined to be and who I feel I was at the time. I couldn’t put my finger on which one.

It didn’t help when facing the opinions of others about how much prettier I would be if I was slimmer, had lighter skin, or had a more fashionable appearance. The nerve of others, who felt that they had the right to speak on any of these points.

Thank goodness as I matured and gained more confidence, realizing that I am unique, beautiful inside and out, and worthy of love.

I spent too much time fixated on what I couldn’t do. Comparing myself to others my age, their academic and professional level, and those who traveled regularly, made self-care a necessity.

It was my limiting beliefs that forced my motivation. It was those who may have been in relationships or married, who I saw to be the ones who seemed to have it all together.

With all those feelings and thoughts about who I believe I am, I have been able to pivot. This ability keeps me motivated that I will become the better me, the best me. It helps pull me out of the self-defeating mindset and that list of limiting beliefs.

Although mentally adjusting to limiting beliefs, it was difficult, on many occasions, brought me to tears, yet steadily on the rise. I constantly reminded myself that self-motivation is mandatory, then work must follow.

Photo by Sarah Chai/Pexels

Here are the 4 limiting beliefs that motivates me and how:

  • I will not be accepted by others — I am unique. I have my thoughts, opinions, and views that are positive. I will continue to be the best me. I will not allow others to speak to me about who I am or should be. I will keep moving forward in the things I enjoy and believe in. I will ignore those who speak ill of my existence. Who I am…is enough.

  • I will always struggle financially — I am so invested in learning how to obtain several income streams. Financial relief will be a part of my world as I continue to hone in on the skills that will make it possible. It is a joy to learn more about how extra money is made; especially passively. Understanding that this financial freedom will allow me more time with my family. It will allow me to destress how basic needs will continue to be provided. This level of financial stability will allow me to continue a legacy for my children as they learn the art of making and investing money.

  • I will always be the provider and protector of my family — Since divorcing, there have had to be obstacles to hurdle, emotions to soothe, and realities to conquer. This may have been a block from finding love again. Not on purpose but my responsibilities were just that and a priority. I have opened up so that I can see that I deserve to be loved.

  • Choosing the right friends is a struggle-I have friends that I have had since childhood and some of who I just met last year. I can choose friends who are on the same path as I am. The friends that I am in contact with are encouraging and supportive, with no judge. They are honest with me when I need the truth. My friends and I connect on multiple levels and are intentional when being there for each other in many areas of life. You can see more of that right here.


Although when one might think about limiting beliefs, there is an immediate negative connotation of not having, not doing, or not progressing. However, reminding myself that I can control my limiting beliefs.

I choose to battle them with positivity. These limiting beliefs are my push, my forward, my destiny, and ultimately my motivation to become all that I know my potential to be.

How do you combat your limiting beliefs?

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