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Moms are sought out as problem solvers, caretakers, and sometimes miracle workers. No one asks if we are able to fix issues, we are just expected to. We may be part of that issue by getting right to it when summoned.

Our hearts are full for our children and in many cases, we tend to ignore our own feelings and needs to make sure that everyone else is happy.

However, on this day you may not be as free-spirited and willing to take care of everything. You may need to be cared for but no one would fathom that.

Do you ask for help? No, because you got this. Right?

Do others check to see if you need help? Not enough.

Make sure you have what you need at all costs.

Many won’t realize that sometimes we are drowning right before their eyes. If we choose not to discuss it, then we have to act on it.

Think it through. Write down what you want or even what you think you want. Personally, I enjoy relaxing on my day off. That can mean staying in all day or doing what I enjoy for a designated amount of time. Then, of course, Mommy duties will have to kick in.

All of this will depend and fluctuate on your work schedule (whether in or outside of the home), the age of your kids (mine are 12 and a young adult, a soon-to-be 22 y.o.), and their ability to be independent or not.


All of that will play a part. Both kids need you, in different ways, but need you for some reasons nonetheless.

It shouldn’t dictate if what you need happens, but how and when. Don’t cross that off your list. You need to do what is a personal need and what makes you happy.

Remember, they will be fine. Being fully present and whole is most important. Begin the process, grasp the journey and enjoy the ride.

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