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Moms, continue to be present and involved in a way that you can handle.

In general, mothers are known to be great and the epitome of caregiving. We’re all-knowing, never-ending, and do it all correctly and with grace. (I’m being a bit dramatic, but you get the gist.)

Although there are mothers who aren’t as nurturing, I will only address the ones who are at this time. There are so many ways that you’re a good mom.

This is what society tends to spew to the world. In so many words, Moms are perfect, or at least, they should be.

This perfection for some is seen as a compliment, however, others who may not fit perfectly in this “best mom” category, may have some reservations or guilt in their role.

Fortunately, not all moms can live up to these standards, which for some can be a damaging blow to our confidence levels, and many times our worth is called into question.

There are many moms of the world who can do all of this yet are in a deficit; a deficit of rest, a deficit dreams, a deficit of seeing themselves any other way than a mother.

Motherhood has so many aspects. We could probably discuss this topic in detail forever. We tend to place ourselves in different categories as it relates to how we parent.

Having been in so many of these types of discussions, I have noticed that we spend more than enough time discussing the baby and not the truths about the mother.

When we talk about new babies, there is a burst of love, want, and need for many women (and some men).

We are not taking into account or are rarely discussing the emotional stresses, feelings of inadequacies, fatigue, and more than a lot of new mothers go through. Many with no partner to support her and the baby.


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We all can be great moms in the way we are able, and here’s how you’re a good mom, too.

1). Even when you’re exhausted, you place your baby comfortably near you in a crib or carrier so you can rest. A Win-win!

2). You cry through your baby’s colic spells while walking and burping them to soothe. (Could be the milk, too…check with their pediatrician.) This too shall pass!

3). You don’t bother to have every dish and laundry load clean because you were caring for your baby or getting more rest.

4). You are able to focus on your baby when everything else feels overwhelming.

5). When you know your baby is full, burped, dry, not ill and you allow a little crying.

6). You don’t have all the designer baby items and clothing. You use what have or purchase sensibly.

7). You don’t have all the designer baby items and clothes.

8). Your living arrangements might not be what you desire.

9). You’re a single mom (some may feel that a one-parent home is not valued…remember, you are a good mom.

10). When you take a moment for yourself and do what you love (no matter how small the wins). <<<< Check out an article about this topic.


During some of our most vulnerable moments, we tend to increase the belief that we aren’t good mothers. We watch and listen to other mothers who appear to have it all together.

In turn forces of to question our ability and our instinct, empathy, and love as we care for and raise our child(ren).

Let today be the day you begin to speak life into your mind, body, and soul. Reminder yourself that you are the perfect you. No need to be like or envy anyone else.

There will always be someone who wishes they had what you have or could do things just like you. So, be the best you and move in ways you could never imagine!

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