If You Didn’t Know, Fed Up Black Female Entrepreneurs Loved Kissing Their 9 to 5 Goodbye

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Black women entrepreneurs are dedicated and driven enough to kiss their 9 to 5 goodbye. We work diligently on our goals to become owners, even if we are starting our business as a side hustle.

Although entrepreneurship is not my reality, it is definitely in the cards.

Despite what the world throws at us, we push forward to create not only a business that has an uncapped earning potential but for the freedom to do what we want.

Unfortunately, most corporate jobs don’t allow that option.

The toxic workplace will make anyone want to give their 2 week notice.

In the workplace, we are nurtured by managers sometimes and the majority of the cases we are inundated with accusations that we are rude, opinionated, and angry.

When we speak up in meetings or workshops, the same or worse can be the case.

How we can pull through such negative descriptions and downright harassment while we are expected to continue as normal on our job is unfathomable.

Yet it continues.

The microaggressions we face in the workplace are more than stressful and can make the environment toxic.

We constantly deal with issues where colleagues assume we are not fully capable of complete major projects.

However, they love to offer smaller responsibilities or ones that connect directly to agendas that have a black focus.

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Many black women have realized our worth, assessed our skills and passions, and have used our motivation and our downright refusal to continually be corporate’s whipping post.

We can and have started our businesses to control our destiny.

We find ourselves face-to-face with those who find us “doing too much”. Most often just using our talents and skills while working to achieve what we imagined.

If we worked hard, we would receive on the job: recognition, salary increases, and new or deeper knowledge.

Making entrepreneurship the end goal.

Leaving a job that you halfway like, the one that allows you to make a little money (even if it is a grand amount) and the rat race you hate yet have just become accustomed to, sounds like a lifesaver.

However, we have come to terms that corporate America has nothing for us.

It is the constant set of rules and policies that forces us to be glued to the job. We can’t help but to think that we would crumble without it. Having the set work times, sick days, etc.

Asking for those days off when needed may or may not happen, and if you’re a mother, there is even more of a need to have flexibility.

Then there is the cap on the salary, unlike entrepreneurship. Below is a statement from Lending Tree.com.

Screenshot posted by writer

Black women have realized that we have skills and passions that not are unique but the potential to make abundant financial earnings through hard work, faith, and a blueprint.

More than anything else, we just have to start.

I am always intrigued and reading to find more information about how black female entrepreneurs obtained this status. I’m inspired by them.

Here are two of several Black Female Entrepreneurs who motivate me by kissing their 9 to 5 goodbye and succeeding:

1). Check out Mom-To-Mogul, Jasmine Chanelle, a black female entrepreneur, or might I say, a mom mogul who worked diligently as a marketing professional.

After realizing her potential and being undervalued and underutilized at her corporate job, she found her passion and, over a couple of years, could become the successful entrepreneur she set out to be.

She teaches moms how to take their skills and talents, market them and turn them into a 6-figure business where they’re able to have the freedom to be a mom!

One of her podcasts keeps me motivated and pushing forward to eventually leave my 9 to 5 to work for myself.

2). Here’s Eliza Revella aka Ellie Talks Money, a female entrepreneur who started her financial business as a divorced mom of 4.

She teaches millennial moms how to start and run businesses with high earning potential! She teaches how and when to start a business bank account, business credit, and how to create more assets than liabilities.

As I aspire to become an entrepreneur while working a full-time job, I enjoy what I do. It doesn’t and will not slow my pace as I build my business to a level where I am a full-time entrepreneur.

Then I will have more freedom with my family and have possibilities of the uncapped potential of revenue.

Today is the perfect time to throw out any doubts or excuses for building your own business. You have skills, just self-assess.

You have the want, or you would have kept scrolling. Go for it.

Grow your own business instead of continuing to build wealth for someone else’s.

Note to self.

What are your business goals? Are you on the path to entrepreneurship?

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