If You Didn’t Get These 4 Come-ups On Your Last Girls’ Trip, They Owe You A Refund

I just returned from one a wonderful girls’ trips that I plan to attend because this last one was life-changing. 

My girls and I traveled separately, from two different cities, met up in Florida, and stayed in an Air BNB for a weekend. If we didn’t bond in such the sweet way we did, I would have felt I was owed a refund. 😉

We celebrated my girl’s birthday for what felt like a month! It was still over too soon.

We were so lucky on this trip. We hadn’t seen each other in a while due to the world shutting down. Most importantly, we all had entered into the next decade of our life and was so grateful to still be in the mix, able to be right where we were for such a celebratory milestone.

Amid all the fun, I had some personal takeaways that have changed me for the better. I gained 5 come-ups while on our trip and hopefully, you have done the same or on your future travels with your girls.

1). There is an itinerary even if you are in an “everything goes” vibe.

The birthday girl took the initiative to choose some of the activities and locations that we would experience. I was so happy that we weren’t sitting around trying to decide and possibly starting our first tiff because of our lack of compromise early on. Now, we have an understanding that as long as everyone is safe, everything goes. Here is what I mean.

If we are all in a group and I see an exhibit across the street but I am the only one interested, I will go over to take a look and/or pictures then make my way back. When this happens, because it does, we are not giving each other grief. We all deserve to enjoy the trip the way we choose. A definite “come-up”.

2). Making a true connection having similar issues like those you are traveling with.

When I think about traveling or when I have traveled with others in a group, I normally think about figuring out what our differences are and not the opposite. What was I going through entering a trip this way?

The come-up in this instance is really creating a connection with the girls in the group. This last trip, I found so many meaningful issues where we connected. We were transparent about some of our past and current personal issues.

Now, this revelation didn’t come freely. It came slowly and by accident. Our conversations weren’t planned. We were able to trust, open up in this area and realize that we were so much more the same than different.

For me, it was a way to release what I had been holding in and onto for years, scared to speak on it believing I had to be the only one. Because, look at everyone else, they have it all together. Nope, we are all wearing life’s “mask”.

Being happy to see your friends win will only allow blessings in your life.

3). Being a cheerleader for each other’s real-life stuff.

So many conversations tend to happen when you travel with a group, for the most part. Within those conversations on our trip, there were a few times where we all were down on ourselves two or three times. When we heard one another speaking negative claims on ourselves, we snapped back to remind the other of their worth.

We made sure that the person remembered who they are and the value they bring to every environment or situation. It was such a blessing that our outreach was genuine and that we could speak directly to and about specifics where it proves we were not just spewing clichés.

4). Need to make or save more money? Let me tell you how.

The conversation about money changes drastically as we grow, experience and mature. Conversations are less about what someone else can buy for us and more about how we can save money or make extra money. There used to be a time where having 2 or jobs outside the home was the epitome of a come-up. However, now we think a bit differently.

Our conversations on this trip were about making, saving and investing money. Although we were all a bit of a novice in this area, we shared what we knew when it came to investments and creating other passive income streams.

I loved doing what I love.

We first thought about the Air BNB and the money that could be compiled to buy a property and start that process, inclusive of the grant money via government and states that have become available within this Covid-19 stimulus packages that are for goals such as this. 

This would be the ultimate goal reached.

I was excited to come up with online services and skills that can be learned that can be offered to businesses to earn more money. After having that conversation and really diving deep when analyzing skills they already have that others will pay for, it profited each person. 

We came up with resume writing, editing, creating social media posts, consultation in several areas, website creating, reselling, for starters.

Now, the trip itself was a good time, yet what we received, in addition, is priceless. There are so many ways that we can make trips not only one that is activity-based, it is worth more to connect with your girls to make an impression that changes their lives. 

Being intentional to offer encouragement and how to start or deepen positive mindsets is worth every trip with the girls. I can’t wait fot the next trip.


For future trips, I will be expecting nothing less or I will be asking for a refund. I was reminded that I have a lot to offer the world, no time for playing small.

Caring for myself is a mental health relief and my circle of girlfriends will be in a space that allows abundance to be our guide. From here on, we will allow positive intentions to lead the way.

What do you plan to give and gain from your next girls’ trip?

Tiffany Jasper
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