"In Her Life Plans"
is a supportive community for 20-something single moms!

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What a wonderful time of year to make new memories and financial strides for your family!


We, as single moms, are making time not to just take care of our family but to enjoy them. 

Don’t worry about things being perfect. It will be fine because you are attached to it.

As women and as single moms, having mentors and those who support us and understand our very being: who we are and who we are becoming.

In order for that to happen with grace, it’s imperative that we are intentional as we move boldly:

“In Her Life Plans!”

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Single Moms!

We are amazing!

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– What are your plans for spring? Your Goals? Your Dreams?

– I want to take my kids on a quick trip to somewhere fun!

– Don’t let another week go by without working toward more or what makes your heart sing!

– Read what you love!

– Write what you love and it will be revealed!

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There is so much life has to offer! 

You have abilities that you haven’t even tapped into yet! 

As difficult it can be to raise children on your own, it can be just as enjoyable.

My goal is to help support you through raising children alone. This includes ways you can earn extra income, offer support on those tough days and in the process, help you strengthen your inner self! As women, we just have to dream it, see it and be it!   

We will be bringing you articles each week.

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Moms, in order to grow consistenly, there is a strategy we need to use on multiple levels: through business, networking, kindred spirits, as women and in the parenting community.

We are adament about offering support in the areas that seem to affect us the most.

Having a way to journal and list important tasks daily, is key.

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