Four Online Jobs You Can Begin With Little To No Money

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Making extra money, especially online is always one of the best ways! It is even better when you can use the skills you already have or a skill you can learn quickly. You’d be surprised at the number of ways that you can make extra money right from your laptop. No fluff…Let’s get to it.

1). Research and Data Entry. Can you use Google? Of course. Can you use Pinterest? Of course, you can. These are just 2 of several platforms where you can glean information. If you can find information on the web for someone, specifically a business or organization, you can get paid for this as a service. 

For example, there are specialists in the medical field who are in search of new locations to open their practice. They may not have enough time to research the details. Your job would be to do just that. You’d charge a fee and work from there.

Another example would be if a business needs you to enter data into spreadsheets to help with their organization. Many companies need that service and either doesn’t have time to complete that task or it is a task that the owner just doesn’t want to do. This is perfect for you because you enjoy and are good at data entry and can complete it quickly. 

2). Social Media Posts Creation. Are you creative? Do you enjoy everything about social media? Great! You might want to think about creating social media posts for businesses and/organizations. Our days are passing so quickly, so many of us have no time to take care of everything in our business. 

In times like these, many will hire those to create social media posts or even someone to manage the platform. It is imperative that marketing continues while you are simultaneously working on your business and ultimately earning money. Time is key!

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3). Email Management. Do you enjoy emails? Will you be willing to manage emails a couple of days a week? There are companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs who need your talents. Some people aren’t able to keep up with the number of emails that are in or that leave their inbox.

Just to go a bit further, if you like to write, you can also write emails for companies. Not only can you create emails and manage them, but you can also automate them for emails to run while they continue to work. You can check out how automation works and the systems that offer it here with Alissa Rose

4). Do you buy from eBay or Poshmark? Are they platforms you could be on daily? If so, you can charge a fee to share the closet for those who are on Poshmark. Sharing a ‘closet’ can take time and for the owner, it could be more time than they have. If you market as a ‘sharer’, you will probably get some owners who need your help! Feel free to take a look at Nikki Buys!

The first place I would start is in social media groups of Poshmark owners or here is an owner I follow on Youtube who is always joking about how busy she is and that she needs to but can’t stand to share her closet. It’s a pretty large one, I might add.

These are just 4 ways to earn extra money using your laptop. even more wonderful you will have the freedom to make money from anywhere there is WiFi!

There are more jobs you can have or create in which I will be writing about. Until then, here are a few more blogs you might be interested in:

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What are some of the skills that you can use to earn money online? Writing? Editing videos?

Let us know!

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