Female Writers Who Support Young Mothers Are Valuable, Join Our Community

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Are you a (new or veteran) female writer who has a couple of life lessons, positivity, and motivation to offer to young women who are expecting or parenting 20 and 30’s somethings?

We hope you choose to write for my publication, New Life in Her 20s (and 30s). We are a new but needed publication in support of up-and-coming young women!

Life, in general, can be lovely, confusing, exciting, and cause a bit of anxiety all at the same time for young women who are trying to navigate their young adult life, especially as a single mom or expecting.

The New Life in Her 20s (and 30s) is a publication that has goals that will shine a light on life topics and answer questions through writing that will support this population of young women.

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We are accepting new writers!

We would love for our new and expereinced writers to be able to offer some life advice, experience, motivation, and parenting advice.

Do you have lessons, funny stories or shoutouts for young women who are navigating this world as they grow in all areas of their daily life? If so, we want you!

We are in search of female writers (sorry, not sorry, guys ;). So, ladies, think about writing for us today!

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Here is what we are accepting from our female writers:

1). We are accepting Medium’s rules and policies. We only want articles full of kindness, value to the reader, honesty, and is just an all-around good read that supports young women and moms by women and moms. Remember, Grammarly.com is your friend!

2). Articles, written by female writers, should be at least 500 words that are inclusive, kind, helpful, respectful and on topic. We want the information to be informative, imaginative and engaging. Anything other than that won’t be accepted.

3). Add a maximum of 4 visuals/links: respectful photos or memes, graphs, or links to information that supports data, quotes, etc. They must be cite appropriately. Example below:

Screenshot of inherlifeplans.com home page
Screenshot of In Her Life Plans/Author T.J.

4). There will be NO affiliate links allowed. However, you will be allowed to add your business link if it DIRECTLY relates to the topic of this publication. I will make the final decision (again, nothing sexual, racist, political, or related to anything disrespectful). Here is an example link and above is an example “visual”: In Her Life Plans

5). Email (hervoice20s@gmail.com) us your submission, and a few sentences introducing yourself and why you want to write for this publication and add your Medium.com Name (Ex.) @melaninsynergy. I will add you soon!

6). I plan to respond within 48 hours after receiving your email and add you as a writer, at least that is my goal (Don’t charge it to my heart).

I am so excited that I have started my publication and look forward to creating a female writing community that supports young women on the path to greatness!

Happy Writing!

Would you like to become a Medium member? If you become a member using My Medium Article Link, I will receive 50% of your monthly fee as long as you are a member! This also supports my writing! Thank you so much!

Kennedie (Medium Pen name)

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