Auntie Tab Has The Heart I’m Trying To Discover

Auntie Tab Has The Heart I’m Trying To Discover

Photo by Kelly Sikkema (Unsplash)

I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago and in a two-parent home. I had one sibling, my older brother for 17 years, then my little brother came along.

I was a 70’s baby, just for context. We came from a Christian home, church every Sunday, including Sunday school and all the things that came along with that.

Raised to be kind

My mom and dad, both raised me to be kind to others, even when there were times when kindness wasn’t reciprocated.

She has always been just the sweetest, still is. Tab reminds me of her.

I’ve never seen her upset with anyone (not to say she hasn’t snapped on a few other folks in her day), except me when I was ridiculous as a teen. Believe it or not, she was the one who handed out the whoop-ass when necessary. Reminded us later that we were loved.

But daddy? Bother him or erk him and he would let folks know where they could go and how to get there. Honestly, it was deserved.

Now, Auntie Tab? Such the sweet soul, too.

Auntie Tab is an influencer, mother, wife, and businesswoman who, in my opinion, seems to love what she does. She loves her family and her audience; her daily motivation is superb and such is her style and skills in the kitchen as a Vegan.

She reminds me of my mom; they have the same spirit and know how to handle those with care within a clap back when needed.

With this shenanigan with Wendy W., I now call Tab Brown, Auntie Tab due to her response. Let me explain. In a nutshell, Wendy W. made negative comments about Auntie Tab’s decision to retire her husband after 15 years on the police force.

He will follow his dream. She mentioned how one day he would come home and blame her for his dream not working out. (Check out The Wendy W. Show channel on YouTube for her comments).

Photo by William Farlow (Unsplash)

The “clap back” with a hug.

With the ultimate grace, care, and sincerity, Auntie Tab wished her love and happiness on her own YouTube channel. She wishes and prays that whatever Wendy W. is missing from this world, including love, finds her.

She mentioned the depth of the love she and her husband have, and even when they had nothing, they vowed to care for each other enough to love and support each other in ways that blessed the other. And they have.


Each of our lives is destined and where is up to us. Just as The Browns made choices of where their life would head and what it would be, the same can be for others.

It may be in the heart is where to start, personally. They, together as a married couple, made these decisions. Guess what world…that’s their business.

Any dreams deferred in your world? What do you plan to do about it?

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