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The title drew me in…Malcolm and Marie.

The picture from the Netflix preview drew me in closer especially since David John Washington has the role of Malcolm. Being me, the one who is in love with being in love, whether I am the lucky winner or someone else.

Some of the scenes in the movie are filmed inside a home in which Malcolm and Marie shared and a few scenes are right outside their home. The movie is filmed in black and white which boosted my curiosity and elevated my excitement of what I was about to witness.

Malcolm and Marie (played by Zendaya) is a couple who returned from a film awards show where Malcolm won for a piece he did that mirrored a personal life issue of his girlfriend Marie.

Malcolm’s denial changes the mood and the deep dive of the film.

Although he refuses to admit that Marie’s life was the basis of his film, they both spent most of the film arguing and degrading each other. These actions are their coping mechanisms or the lack thereof. It pertains to their personal value within the relationship or as an individual.

As I continued to ingest the meat of the movie, I found myself emotionally exhausted as they both, at each other’s expense, dug into each other’s faults, addictions, and lacks. 

Continuing to bring out the worst in each other, yet moments later after taking those hurtful words in, created an emotional connection with physical touch and a playful rectifying and joking conversation.

Then as the movie persists, the laughs turn into inward re-evaluation. 

Boy, was I in for a wild ride! Join me on this ride of 4 life lessons:


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1). Your mate deserves your respect and love.

Part of why we come together as couples are for acceptance, respect, and love. During that union, to help your relationship grow, respect must be the base. I would hope that love is a given in your romantic relationship.

Malcolm and Marie spent a lot of time speaking on the negative when it came to each other’s private issues. It was mentioned about Marie’s past drug overdose and how Malcolm saved her (and she should be grateful) as she was only 20 years old at the time of that event.

2). Admit your mess.

As adults, we should be learning if not have learned already that the best way to understand how to make positive changes in your life, there must be an admission of our mess. 

Before we are able to change behaviors, we have to understand that we have done something wrong and that we need to correct our actions.

3). Show how valuable you are.

Your significant other should recognize and know your worth. There are times whereas we are in relationships, we become comfortable and we begin to not acknowledge the value of our partner. It is okay to juggle their memory. Show and remind them of your validity.


Malcolm and Marie, a dark yet enlighten film that gives you a sense of the tragedies within relationships when one uses your weaknesses to force you lower than they feel. 

Their connection brought to the screen additions to the other, yet, a feeling that shone a need to leave but an addiction to stay as it is represented in the last scene which I found most intriguing.

Marie and Malcolm go to bed and when he wakes, where Marie is usually sleeping, she is not. Malcolm calls her name slowly and repeatedly as he begins to look about the house.

When he doesn’t find her he becomes uncomfortable as he goes outside the house, where he finds her standing and taking in the day before the sun rises. 

Then just stands there next to her. The epitome of what she spewed at him earlier in the film, that he and his work are nothing without her. Then…the scene goes black.

The last lesson rings in my mind as the credits roll, become whole as an individual before you are part of a couple. Having another person who is unable to be one before being a part of two can drain to a miserable end.

Malcolm and Marie.

What were your thoughts on the movie?

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